About Us

Maslov Beads was born as Maslov International in Johannesburg, South Africa, 55 years ago, founded by Bozidar Maslov, back in 1959.

The simple concept of upholding high standards for genuine quality products was widely accepted, and soon others stores opened in Croatia, Venezuela and, of course, in the USA. All independently owned, but operating under the same name.
Maslov Beads and Findings (Miami) opened its doors to the public in 2005 right in the heart of the wholesale jewelry supply district in Downtown Miami.
Today, we still uphold the same simple concept and business pattern:
We demand to get only genuine, quality products from our suppliers and in order to ensure the most competitive prices on this level of quality, we make large combined purchases for all operations. We also travel and locate trusted and reputable dealers around the world, not just out of China. We attend new product exhibits and more, all in order to bring our customers real value.